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Dye Sublimation for Architectural Products

Archi-Texture Finishing (A-Tex) is a licensee of the Decoral System, a world leader in the dye sublimation process for wood, marble and other fancy decorations applied on metals and exotic materials suitable to resist temperatures of 200 degrees C. Developed in Italy, this dye-sublimation process allows high resolution computer generated images, printed on plastic film with UV stable inks, to be transferred into durable, weatherable powder coatings.

In plain talk, it is a creative finish or decorative “tattoo” placed on and saturated into aluminum or metal. Scientifically speaking, sublimation is the phase transition of a substance from a solid directly to a gas without going through a liquid phase occurring under specific temperature and pressure conditions.

Testing of Dye Sublimation Process

Testing of Dye Sublimation Process

A rigorous sampling process ensures powder thicknesses of between 2 and 4 mils, which provides optimal transfer of dyes into a base powder. Using a precision Decoral curing system, we program and closely monitor the temperature of the sublimation process for complete transfer of images and patterns to metal.

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