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A licensee of the Decoral System, A-Tex transforms aluminum and steel products into luxurious wood and marble products in interior and exterior architectural applications. Powder coating and Dye Sublimation extend the life of metal products –– from architectural elements like railings and light poles to commercial and end-product applications like machine parts or outside furniture. A-Tex finishes offer supreme durability, chip and scratch resistance, gloss retention, and resistance to chalking. Our powder coat metal finishing meets AAMA specifications and is environmentally friendly. Building Exteriors, Outdoor Balconies, Entrance Doors, Window Shutters, Hand Rails, Wall Panels, Cabinetry, Bollards, Murals, Ceiling Tiles, Chair Rails, Heat Vent Covers, Flag Poles, Floor Tiles, Furniture, Display Panels, Window Frames, Window Sashes, Louvered Blinds, Lighting Fixtures, Shelves and Racking; our dye-sublimation process will expand your products marketability and creativity bringing out the da Vinci in you.

With an array of Pattern Options available: Light Wood, Dark Wood, Stock Finishes, Marbles & Granites, Unique Graphic Designs and Unique Logo’s and Images; A-Tex fashions finishes giving you the results you need.

  • Be unique! Differentiate your products from your competitors.
  • Realistic look! Finishes so genuine, you have to touch them to know the difference.
  • Tough! Chip and Scratch resistant. Durable for interior/exterior and high traffic areas.
  • Let your imagination run wild! Finishes created from high definition photographic images.
  • Be health conscious! We can apply BARC™, an antimicrobial coating that will reduce the transfer of bacteria. Perfect for medical, food service and public applications.
  • Environmentally strong! UV and Weather resistant meeting AAMA specifications
  • Low maintenance! Easy to clean and do not require the constant upkeep of real wood.
  • Long products? Ability to coat long extrusions up to 25’ with a continuous coating
  • Heavy Products? Ability to coat large items up to 9,000 pounds

Turn your imagination into reality.

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